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Want to relax or have fun? Enjoy an amazing graphic experience with Makanim.
Create stunning animations playing with the multi-touch!
Make fantastic effects and discover plenty of shapes and patterns!

You can play with Makanim at home for fun, at a party or on stage for VJing*, improvise during live performances and create new animations on the fly. Makanim allows you to produce wonderfull screenshot of your creation and use it as wallpaper. Makanim offers endless combinations of visual effects by changing seven simple parameters. You can spend hours discovering the different ways to animate shapes.

Makanim is a powerfull application that can both entertain and relax.

* Please note that VGA/HDMI output is only available on iPad2 and iPhone 4S. Makanim does not support VGA/HDMI output for other devices.


● Multi-touch graphic generator of particles
● Predefined selections as thumbnails
● Edit preset in real time
● Use up to 6 fingers gesture
● Switch modes, shapes, start and end colors
● Control speed, size and magic chaos
● 10 animation modes/patterns
● 25 beautiful and original shapes
● 33 arrangements of colors
● 48 editable presets
● Saving of user presets
● Animation auto-play
● Thousands of possible combinations
● Screenshot button to save images to your photo library
● Expert mode : hide/show the menu bar
● Limit the number of fingers to avoid interference with iPad multi-touch 4/5 fingers gesture
● Universal app that can be used on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (without requiring you to purchase it twice)

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Makanim on AppStore

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