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Slurp... Crunch... Squelch... Yum, these bugs are delicious! But... What?! Another frog is trying to eat my lunch!
Be hungry you little frog, let the battle begin!

With this addictive two players game, go for a walk in the nature and live epic fightings.
Tap the screen to catch the bugs. Avoid the toxic butterflies, rush yourself on the juicy beetles!
Earn as many points as you can before the end of the round.

Defy and defeat your opponent to rule the swamp!

Ribbit... Ribbit... Ribbit... Ribbit...


● Simple controls making it fun for all ages
● Intense and skillfull gameplay
● 2 players game
● Single player mode : versus AI
● Universal app
● 3 stages to experiment different strategies
● Immersive HD design - Retina Display
● 3 difficulty levels of AI
● Highscores records

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Katak on AppStore

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